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Terms of purchase define regulations, which when respected by vendor and buyer will ensure successful completion of purchase transactions via eShop www.watch-shop.rs owned company Telebak Group Ltd. Belgrade.
By visiting or purchase through our online store accept the terms of which are listed below. Please read them carefully and familiarize yourself with the rules that apply. We reserve the right without prior notice to make changes and amendments to these Terms of Use, it is therefore necessary before any purchase to check the information on the terms of purchase.

Purchase is made so that the products you wish to purchase by clicking the button "Add to cart". When you insert the cart all the products, go to the "proceed to check out" and follow the further manual. Then fill in your personal information and data related to delivery. It is important that all information is accurately completed in order to be able to have the goods delivered within the agreed time. That goes for your phone number because you will be contacted by the courier service for delivery.

When you have finished filling out the data will show the selected products with a total sum of payment and all completed personal data. Please read them carefully and if necessary modify so that you will return to the previous steps. Goods are considered to be ordered when the customer chooses and finally confirm the order.

All product prices listed on the site with VAT included. We commit ourselves to accept any price at which you made the purchase order, regardless of whether the price of the product changed after making the order, it applies to the possibly increase or decrease in prices.
Price delivery courier service is also included in the price of goods they are buying.

In his e-podavnici www.watch-shop.rs supports the following methods of payment:
cash on delivery
Cash on delivery payment implies the payment of the purchase order to the courier during shipment. Payment is by cash only.

Watch-shop undertakes to goods purchased within one business day to submit a courier service which is responsible for delivery. Provided the total time to deliver the goods to the customer at the address that was entered in the purchasing process for the territory of Belgrade is 24 hours, and 48 hours for the rest of Serbia. Orders received on weekends will be delivered the next working day.
We deliver only in the territory of Serbia. Services courier charge.

The deadlines for the delivery of goods may be extended if the customer requests a special intervention on the selected product. The buyer shall be so informed in advance. If Watch-shop for technical reasons, is unable to deliver the goods purchased, the customer will immediately be notified by phone.

If the buyer enters incorrect personal data or the residence address (address for delivery of goods) during the purchase process, Watch-shop shall not be liable for non-delivery of goods.
If there are uncertainties regarding the personal data entered or selected products, Watch Shop will before sending goods kontatktirati customer by phone or email. In the event that the customer is unavailable when a phone call or respond to an email, this can cause an extension of time for submission to Watch shop can not take responsibility.

Watch shop guarantees the quality of products sold. There are two aspects of providing evidence of product quality: Quality Certificate and legal guarantees for technical goods 2 years. The accuracy of the product before shipping to the customer checks the fit of the two members of the Commission for validation. Guarantee or Certificate signed by both members of the Commission.
Warranty contains information about the product, the length of the warranty period, method of use, and parts of which are covered by warranty.

If there is a malfunction or other problems with the jewelry that was purchased through the website www.watch-shop.rs, we recommend that you seek the help of our service.

In order to successfully process your purchase is necessary to enter the correct information about your name, email address, contact phone number and address. With the help of these data we will be able to deliver you the purchased goods. Your personal information will not be used for marketing or any other purposes, unless you give your consent.
On behalf of the Group Telebak we are committed to protecting the privacy of all of your contemporary data. We collect only necessary, basic information about customers / users and the information required for business and informing the user in accordance with good business practice and in order to provide quality services. All data about users / buyers are strictly confidential and are available only to employees who need such information to perform their duties. All employees of the company Telebak Group (and business partners) are responsible for complying with the principles of privacy protection.

The duty of the customer is that during the delivery in the presence of suppliers inspect the product and to point to possible mechanical damage, in which case the product will be replaced.
Subsequent complaints will not be accepted.